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Discussion on: How can we make CodeNewbie better?

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life in 10 bit

As a codenewbie newbie, most of the content I have seen so far isn't relevant to me, the pieces about people's journey are interesting and can provide some ideas of where to look at starting out.
I am trying to get used to html right now, it's simple when you have been using it for awhile (potentially years), but I haven't found much if anything, that would be useful in the way of pointers or information.

I've tried looking on to see if that would be a helpful place and it is filled with even more confusing things for a beginner than here.

The name Codenewbie, implies it'll be helpful to new coders, right now it isn't imo.

(small disclaimer; I do not always get my point across in the best way, hoping I have this time)