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Alex Vong

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30-Day Responsive Layout Challenge

Responsive layouts are important. I think we can pretty much all agree on that. To improve my own responsive layout skills I decided to partake in a 30-Day Responsive Layout Challenge.

The Goal: Every day, for the next 30-days, find a responsive component/module from a website to recreate and detail my process in their own case study. With each challenge, I hope to learn something new and improve my responsive design skills.

The Requirements: The only requirements I can think of right this very instance is that I must try my best to recreate whatever component I find, it must be responsive, and it is not considered done until I post it and write a case study about it.

Some components may also not have the same content as the original component as I will be using my own SVG images, text, headings, and other visual designs to keep them as a site-wide component.

If you’d like to accompany me on this journey and see what I find and re-create, as well as my progress, feel free to subscribe to my Substack!

Or you can just check out its official project page.

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