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Working With My First Client - An Intro

Last Wednesday we were given our first taste of working with real clients as part of our mentorship at Perpetual Education ( mobile-view ). On that day and for the next four days we would be communicating and working with our clients to build a website for their business.

I really wish I had written a reflection article each and every night of those four days but I was so engulfed in the fear of working with a client and completely crashing and burning that writing one was the last thing on my mind. But in hindsight, writing an article to recap the events of that day would have not only been a perfect way to reflect upon and capture all the raw emotions and thoughts that were going through my mind but also a great way for me to look back on those emotions and thoughts months or years from now.

That experience of working with my first client and the emotions I felt are still so engraved in my mind that I figured writing a reflection now would be the perfect way to end my experience. I will also be more mindful of the power of writing reflection articles in my future projects.

This post will serve as an introduction to the series of articles of my experience. I feel it is impossible to detail those four days in just one article. If you would like to read about my experience of working with my first client, please stay tuned! Thank you!

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