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Microsoft: the Movies and TV app will also arrive on Android and iOS

Let's face it: Windows Mobile has never had the hoped-for success. Yet Microsoft still intends to support the many PC users who want to continue using the main Windows apps on their smartphone.

It is for this reason that the Redmond house has decided to release apps such as Edge and Launcher on Android and iOS , embracing the multi-platform philosophy - at least on mobile. A winning move, judging by the millions of registered downloads.

Among the absentees of Microsoft's "cross-platform" apps, however, there is Film and TV (Movies & TV), a service available on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox. According to the latest rumors, even this application could soon land on the operating systems of Google and Apple, bringing with it a vast catalog of multimedia content.

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Is Microsoft working on Movies and TV for iOS and Android?

The news comes from Windows Central , which would have come into contact with a source very close to Microsoft . According to the insider, the company would like to offer its customers more than just a reason to buy content on the Microsoft Store. Such contents are often ignored by users, either because of the presence of more popular platforms such as Netflix and iTunes, or because of the actual lack of a companion app that refers to the digital store.

At the time, there were rumors of the unfortunate cancellation of Movies & TV , which would follow the abandonment of Microsoft's music streaming platform. However, it seems that the company has no intention of giving up Film and TV and in this regard the rumors speak for themselves: an application will be there and will be launched on Android and iOS.

The idea behind the alleged app is to allow users to buy movies and TV series and view them at any time - even offline - on their smartphone or tablet. Customers who have already made purchases on the Microsoft Store will be able to import downloaded content to their smartphone or tablet.

Movies Anywhere : Will Microsoft join the program?

The Windows Central source also suggested that Microsoft could participate in the Moviers Anywhere program . We are talking about a new service that will bring together all the contents purchased from the main digital stores, allowing the user to view movies and TV series in a single large collection, on any type of device.

By purchasing a movie from iTunes , for example, we will be able to play that same film on Google Play . In addition to these two we will also find Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and - if the rumors were to be confirmed - the aforementioned Microsoft Store.

The entry of the Film and TV service in Movies Anywhere could convince users to buy from the Microsoft marketplace, perhaps finding more advantageous prices for the same product already found on one of the competitor's stores.

In short, we'll see if the IT giant has really made these decisions, in an attempt to save its (undervalued) digital entertainment platform.

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