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Spotify wants to go from music to video and starts with its board of directors

Music streaming platform Spotify could be starting to seriously flirt with the video industry. His latest hire, to the board of directors of the platform, could be the last piece of the puzzle. Ted Sarandos, head of content at Netflix, has also joined Spotify Premium on page:

He already announced it last year when he confirmed that they were going to start broadcasting through his application through clips. And in recent weeks his first original videos have been seen, although without much success in terms of aesthetics and content. With the entry of Sarandos, he may be given that impact force from which he has been weak until now.

Combining the innovative and unique spirit of Netflix with the immediacy and reach of Spotify could serve not only to enter the platform in the world of video but also to close that long-awaited public offering that Spotify has been seeking for a long time and that some reluctant investors have been falling behind. And incidentally, scratch a few thousand users that range between these and the strong competition from Apple Music; Right now, any comparative advantage is enough to go one or the other, no matter how small.

And the strategy seems to be clear. Sarandos is not the only "Netflix" in the company. Barry McCarthy, who served as the video company's CFO, switched to Spotify almost a year ago. So, with Sarandos helping the music company, they have one of the best "scouts" in the film industry on their side and with the broadest contact agenda in the industry. Production companies, television networks, cinemas, and thousands of original content pass through his hands and who knows if Spotify at some point.

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