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S14:E4 - How to use code to build cross-cultural understanding (Laura Gutierrez-Funderburk)

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In this episode, we talk about how to use code to build cross-cultural understanding, with Laura Gutierrez Funderburk, data science intern at Cybera’s Callysto Project. Laura talks about how diving into projects and finding mentors helped push her through her coding journey, using Jupyter Notebooks to create curriculums for teachers with the goal of cross-cultural understanding, and why building tech with that mission in mind is important.

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Laura Gutierrez-Funderburk

Laura Gutierrez-Funderburk holds a mathematics degree from Simon Fraser University, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. She’s experienced in creating in-person and online data science lessons for Grades 5-12 students and teachers that spark creativity, celebrate diversity, and foster critical thinking skills. In her spare time she likes building software with RLadies and PyLadies and doesn’t miss a chance to learn how she can use her Python skills to interact with databases.

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