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S15:E10 - DevNews: Platforms as Utilities, Archiving Yahoo Answers, and Companies Rescinding Accepted Offers (Josh Puetz, Nikolas Guggenberger, Jason Scott)

In this episode of DevNews, we cover companies rescinding job offers after they have been accepted. Then we speak with Nikolas Guggenberger, executive director of the Yale Information Society Project, about Justice Clarence Thomas arguing for categorizing some digital platforms as utilities and why this is a huge deal for the tech world. Finally, we chat with Jason Scott, co-founder of Archive Team, about their efforts to archive Yahoo Answers which is shutting down after 16 years.

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Josh Puetz

Josh Puetz is Principal Software Engineer at Forem.

Nikolas Guggenberger

Nikolas Guggenberger is the executive director of the Yale Information Society Project and a Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School. His research focuses on the intersection of law and technology, specifically platform regulation, antitrust, and privacy.

Jason Scott

Jason Scott is the co-founder of Archive Team who speaks passionately on the never-ending and critical saving of online history. He has been a video game art director, unix administrator, documentary filmmaker and public raconteur.

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