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S15:E2 - How to code without typing (Matt Wiethoff, Tommy MacWilliam)

In this episode, we talk about how to code without typing, with Serenade co-founders, Matt Wiethoff and Tommy MacWilliam. They talk about how Matt’s repetitive wrist injury started to derail his coding career, how they needed to invent the accessibility tool, which one of them literally needed to help build the tool itself, and what stack they used to build it.

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Matt Wiethoff

Matt is co-founder at Serenade, where he works on enabling programmers to write code with voice. Matt entered the voice space when a career-ending injury forced him to look for an alternative way to be productive. Before Serenade, Matt was a machine learning engineer and tech lead at Quora.

Tommy MacWilliam

Tommy is the co-founder and CEO of Serenade. Previously, he was Quora's Head of Platform, leading teams focused on developer tools, and a developer at CS50, Harvard's introductory Computer Science course.

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