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Fatih Küçükkarakurt
Fatih Küçükkarakurt

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Want a Bootcamp?

Hello, I'm Fatih. As a Software Developer and Technical Writer, I am a part of the software industry.

  • C/C++/C#
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Unity/Unreal Engine
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Git

I'm thinking of giving courses in technology. We can do these as bootcamps. Please indicate that you would like to participate in the comments, as we will communicate entirely through CodeNewBie. What subjects would you like to bootcamp on? I'm thinking of preparing a live broadcast , PDF , E-Book and articles and giving you a serious exam. Maybe you can even get a certificate if CodeNewBie allows with this. If there is enough participation, I will share the details with you. This will be completely FREE. Do not worry.

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nftcryptomix profile image

Javascript, Unity and Unreal as I want to learn how to develop games on blockchain please - Thank You

mhd_anggoen profile image
muhamad anggun

python/javascript bootcamp would be good news

moonshinematrix profile image

SQL, .Net, XML, SOAP, APIs 🥳