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Discussion on: Hey CodeLand! Sema Software would love to connect and talk about your accomplishments ⭐

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Lavish Lekhari

Great work as always by Matt , Perfectly explained everything in detail and love the way that our community is growing more and more daily and encouraging about a lot of effective and efficient things in tech , specially open source and its contributions. From helping people to start from scratch to helping them build their solid developer portfolio and various other practices are just really amazing! & so helpful. All the thanks to Sema and all the community members behind it. I've been member of Sema since a while now and really appreciate the way of guiding and solving issues in person and Yes , I do write my Developer Diary for most of the solutions, Handy tricks and links to resources. Thank you once again to Sema and Codeland for this great work to empower communities & developers. Have a very good day!

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Matt Van Itallie Author

amazing, thank you Lavish for the shout out! If you ever want to post examples on socials, please @ me or Sema (@vanitallie_matt and @semasoftware1) and we'll celebrate it!