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How to learn programming without any programming language?

Sounds weird, right? It is like trying to learn to drive a car without an actual car. But it makes sense. Learning to program and learning a programming language is not the same thing. I will use an analogy for this explanation.

When you are born you only have natural instincts which means that you cry most of the time and you don’t know anything.

Your parents then teach you things around you and also teach you to talk. For example, they will show you a picture of a car and they will teach you that is a car. The only difference is that English-speaking parents will teach you that it is called a ‘car’, Spanish-speaking parents will teach you it is a ‘coche’, etc. But the meaning is the same.

Learning to program is not bound to any programming language. In fact, you can do the same things with most programming languages. Programming is just giving a computer set of commands that it understands and executes some action because of it. What programming language you are going to use is not that important.

That is why it is easier to learn programming fundamentals first. If you know what instructions you need to give to the computer, it will be super easy to write them in any programming language.

The first thing you need to learn is - what is an algorithm. After that, you will learn about flowcharts.

If you want to learn more about that, this site has great step-by-step guide.

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