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Discussion on: Thinking About: HTML Forms for a Not Instagram App

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Jeff Mitchell Author

Thanks for writing this reply. I have settled on a name...Notstagram :) That's my working name, for now at least. Honestly, it's probably biting off way more than I can chew and will be something I pick away at as a learning exercise more than anything else. I learn best when I have a specific "thing" to tackle and goal to reach.

Also, I hate to say it, but I signed up with Instagram again...if only to study it when considering what features to try. I was starting my planning by spending time understanding how Instagram works now and what its moving pieces are. I think I understand the pieces that need to be done (I should actually write a post about this) and now need to make a feature list for a minimum viable product.

Don't refrain from questions, please ask away...there will probably be good ideas in them and questions will help me think.