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coding journey: starting react!

hi fellow code newbies!

coming to you with another update on my journey to becoming a frontend web developer. as i type this, i'm about halfway through my course on React. so i've been learning JSX, how to write functional vs stateful components, how to change state with user input, and in general more practice writing ES6 code.

it's going pretty well so far, but i'm also often confused! as one of my instructors put it this morning during our check-in meeting, it's a paradigm shift from writing vanilla JS to using React. the hardest part so far is understanding the flow of data and functions through the various components in the code that i write. so far handling state mostly makes sense, but for some reason i find props really confusing. if anyone has any recommendations for learning resources for React (preferably free!), lmk.

on networking 🀝

my instructor also nudged me to start networking a little bit. i'll be completing my coursework soon and moving on to the stage of active job-hunting. she reminded me that connections take time to build, so you want to start as early as possible. and she's absolutely right! so i'm going to be pushing myself in that direction over the next month.

on that note, if anyone knows of tech/frontend dev networking or community-building opportunities coming up in the new york city area, let me know! i'd love to go to something irl.

totality of focus - don't splinter your attention

another thing my instructor and i discussed this morning was the idea of maintaining your focus. there is just so much out there to learn that it can be easy to splinter your attention, taking a bite out of everything you can. and as a newbie who wants to break into the industry, it can be tempting to try to learn as much as possible in order to make myself seem more qualified or passionate. i have noticed myself doing this a couple of times so far. but this can backfire, limiting one's ability to learn anything really well and get quite good at it. it's fun to learn a bunch of new stuff but eventually you gotta pick something and go deep.

wrapping up

i'll leave you with one of my favorite images to return to when i'm feeling down about my progress. it's even pinned on my notion.

A list of stages in the learning process. Some stages show progress and some show regression but in the end they achieve the learning goal.

hope you're all feeling well and supported on your own journeys ❀️‍πŸ”₯ as always, drop a comment - let me know how you're doing!

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McKenna Bramble

Hi Sheila! I definitely resonate with taking bites out of all of the things. If I'm being brutally honest with myself, I think it has taken me longer to finish my studies because I have been trying to learn too many things 🫣 Your post is a good reminder to really focus my attention as I finish up my studies and start job-hunting.
Thanks for sharing!

sheblair profile image

hi mckenna! yes, that's how exactly i feel! i wish you the best of luck. i'm almost done with the react class and even though i'm nervous about job-searching i'm also relieved to be nearing the end of this full-time studying period.

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This is really helpful Sheila . Thanks