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major update!

whew - it's been awhile since i posted anything, codenewbie friends!

i've been busy finishing up my classes with skillcrush and setting up a hand-coded website to share my work as i get ready to start applying for jobs.

check out my portfolio site! and please give me any feedback you have, i'd love to know what other people think :)

some things i've been pondering over these last few weeks:

  • i love coding way more than i thought i would
  • i love React more than i ever thought i would 🀣
  • it's true what they say, the most effective way to learn is by building something yourself, and most precisely, by breaking things and then having to put them back together
  • i successfully navigated my first merge conflict while working on a feature for my portfolio site and while it was incredibly stressful in the moment, i'm so glad i did it because now i know i am capable of handling that!
  • in general, all of the things that have initially seemed terrifying to learn or figure out actually end up being way less intimidating or difficult than i imagined
  • on the other hand, it is often the things that i think will be easy or no problem that later have me tearing my hair out and frantically googling things with twelve tabs open

can you relate to any of these things? how have you been surprised by the journey of learning to code or become a developer? i still have such a long way to go, and i know i will always be learning, but i'm so proud of everything i've accomplished so far and i am bringing that sense of accomplishment into 2023 with me.

my plan for the foreseeable future: keep developing my portfolio, network, improve my projects, and get hired in 2023 πŸ’ͺ🏻

much love to everyone ❀️‍πŸ”₯ and may all your wishes for this year come true!

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McKenna Bramble

Hi Sheila! You portfolio looks great! One thing I noticed was that the resume link just takes you to the home page of your site. Not sure if that was your intention?

I can DEFINITELY relate to the tabs thing. At the moment of reading your post, I have 23 tabs open. I have a problem πŸ˜†

Thanks for the update and I'm excited to see where you go in 2023!!

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thanks mckenna! yes, well-spotted, the resume link is currently broken, i just haven't updated my resume yet lol so for the time being it goes nowhere. i hope those 23 tabs got you somewhere good! wishing you the best in 2023 as well