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Discussion on: The UX of coding is broken

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Tyler V. (he/him)

As mentioned on your other post - I've been thinking about this post since I saw it yesterday, trying to figure out why exactly it's hard to wrap my brain around visual -> code being the natural workflow.

To create my own analogy presenting code -> visual as the natural progression, I imagine code as a recipe rather than a painting. With a painting we are creating a single finished product, but with a recipe we are creating a way to communicate to anyone that wants to recreate our creation to be able to.

Consider that all screen sizes are different for our users. This is similar to when someone slightly modifies the recipe and ends up with a slightly different result than we may have imagined when creating the site. Our initial intended screen size might be the Gordon Ramsay version of our dish, but someone using our desktop site on their phone is the recreation at home by an average home chef. Every device with a browser is waiting for our latest recipe so they can enjoy it from home.

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a recipe rather than a painting


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Jason Leow ~ Author

Interesting analogy about coding as cooking! I actually wrote something about it before!