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Is PMP Training worth it?

After we have a better understanding of the essence of what PMP can be about Let's go back to the initial question. There are both benefits and costs when you take PMP. course. course. However, many hiring experts and certified professionals believe that the benefits outweigh costs.Before we begin, let's examine some of the issues that are associated by PMP training.

It's expensive

If you're not already a member of PMI the cost for PMP certification is 550 US dollars. PMP certification is at 550 US dollars. If you're an existing member, then you have to pay $405 US dollars to take the exam. However, PMI membership costs the sum of 139 US dollars. While you only save 11 USD when you become an PMI member, you will enjoy many additional benefits associated with membership. It is therefore advised to sign up to PMI prior to taking the exam.

If you fail on the first attempt and you want to take the exam the fee is to be able to pay for 275 USD, if are an PMI member, and 350 USD if you're not an PMI member.

In addition to the expense of the exam In addition, there are additional expenses that are incurred when preparing for the exam. They include PM training classes, preparatory books as well as sample questions. In light of all this costs, it is necessary to invest at least 750 dollars to obtain this certification. However, the majority of experts agree that the cost is not worth the advancement in career that individuals can enjoy with this certification.

It's not easy.

Many people agree that the PMP is an extremely difficult exam. Many claim that it's the toughest exam that they've ever had to pass. The reason for this is how the exam examines not only the ability to remember the concepts , but also the practical application of these concepts. If you add the stress of time (you must complete 200 questions within 240 minutes) this can be a nightmare even for a well-seasoned project manager. Additionally, there are personal variations in the time it is required to pass the exam. Some students take between two and three months to be successful. Some aren't certified even after having prepared for several years.

The point is that if the exam was easy and anybody could easily pass it and pass it, would it be as popular in the same way it is in the present? Absolutely not! The importance of this certification is due to the strict requirements to obtain and keep the certification. Therefore, PMP certification does need dedication from you. However, the good news is that the results of this effort are going to be sweet.

It can be time-consuming.

There is a cost in terms of money. However, for the majority of people, the biggest issue is the expense of time. People complain about the hours required to become PMP certified.

The other part is related to the preparation. Because the exam is complex, it is essential to take time each day to study the PMBOK manual. However, the majority of people agree that's not the only thing to do. You must read numerous other guides, go to the preparatory classes (if you are a part of any) and complete sample test questions in your course of study. All of these tasks consume a lot of time. As the majority of those who are interested are those working They are stressed out.

Additionally with that, the PMP application demands that you record all the projects you have completed. Additionally, you have to record the most precise details about the project. This sounds simple however, it's not simple and takes lots of time.

Additionally, one should not just do it casually. This is because PMI runs an audit procedure to confirm the authenticity of the applications.

These issues are at times daunting. However, in light of the benefits offered by PMP certification the issues appear to be a minor issue. Let's now read about the benefits to PMP certification.

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