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Discussion on: CNC 2021 – Write More Challenge – First Mission

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Xavier Jouvenot Author

Hi Estee ! Thank you for checking up on me 🙂

I had several personal issues to deal with in the past few months.
So I had to put my side projects and blogging on hold.
I am starting to have everything sorted out, which means that I will start blogging again very soon !

I also have a new project which in the making, and, I'm very excited about it, and to share the process of making this project with the community !

Thank you again for your message ! 😊
You will hear about me soon 😉

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Estee Tey

Awesome 😎 will be looking out for it!
btw just followed you on Twitter since Forem is discontinuing support for DMs, so we can chat over there anytime if u like. 😁