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Discussion on: JavaScript is kicking my ass!

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Aaron McCollum

I've been there (and still am there) at times. A few things I'd say are that first, you don't need to memorize everything - Google is there and it's 100% okay to look things up. I used to think I was "cheating" somehow by looking up definitions, functions, or documentation while solving algorithm problems, but the truth is even the most experienced developers still google things.

Secondly, start out small with programs that connect your HTML/CSS to JavaScript. An absolutely fantastic place is where you can create small projects using HTML, CSS, and JS on their site for free and save it. They take care of connecting everything for you. Then over time you can move some of those projects onto a code editor on your computer and connect them together yourself. Connecting a JS file to HTML is something I google every time, along with connecting CSS.

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FURGIE 📸 🧖🏾 Author

Thank you for this! Google is definitely my friend and I like to watch YouTube videos to help me understand as well. I will definitely try out codepen as I wasn't aware of it - so thank you for sharing, really appreciate it.