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Back to PICO-8 game dev!

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Gamedev Again

Lately I got back to PICO-8 and picked up a project that was originally meant for the Retrograde jam, where your goal was to create a game, that would feel like to old NES times.

Image description

Things got in the way and never really finished for the jam but i have some things I can share now.

Of course my goal is to create an oldchool platformer game, and finish it! Like not just doing most of the stuff but polishing things up, sound effects, levels the whole shebang.


The game will revolve around you findig the stolen eggs and rescuing your partner. Of course the journey will be dangerous so various power-ups will help you along the way. You can jump on the head of your enemies or use the mysteries of the world and enter a form where you can spew scorching fireballs to clear your way!

Don't forget to use your T H I C C booty and use it to destroy walls and your enemies!

Ground pounding crates

I know this isn't that much to show, struggled with some code issues that I caused myself and let me tell you, my jank code is even hard to read for myself.

The Bug Hunt

For the longest time my collision for some "unknown" reason just let you glitch inside block if you stood right on the edge and pressed the jump button. It was hard to decode at first where it came from, as my jump detection didn't show any errors which would be your first target with such issues.

The pesky glitch

After many frustrated hours I finally found the solution, it being caused by the horizontal collision detection. Basicaly which direction the player is moving and using an offset based on that to check the blocks right or left to you for wall collision. The only issue is that for some reason I used a way to small value when the player was facing right, hence you could just walk "halfway" into the walls. You pressed jump and the code was like: Oi, your head on the ceiling, get down from there" and pushed you down a block, causing the glitch.

Hooray, problem found, solved and now I can progress further with implementing Proof-Of-Concept stuff, polishing things that are in and thinking on new features to add. (Also the code is due to some refactoring, but we don't talk about that. It's a problem for future me).

new power-up?

That is the end for this update! Will see what I can due and maybe push out a PicoShort as well for the weekend, but no promises.

Ko-fi supporters

Big thank you to Csöndi, for supporting my work!

Wanna see your name here? See more frequent updates? Longer PicoShorts? Or you just like what i do? Consider supporting my work with even the price of a single coffee, and if you can please share my work, so more people can enjoy the magical world of PICO-8.

As always thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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