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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - V6

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Abdullah Furkan Özbek

Hello guys.

I am Furkan. I have interested web techologies like React, Vue & Node. Actually I got here from I see the new CodeLand conference.

Then I saw codenewbie so I thought I also check it out. And here I am. Grateful to be in part of community.

I have one question though. I noticed that both of the desings looks very similar (dev & codenewbie). So what are the differences?

Thank you!


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Ayu Adiati

Welcome to the community, Furkan! 😃
Both CodeNewbie and DEV are part of Forem. Hope that could answer your question about the designs ☺

The big difference is contents in DEV are for all level of devs, while CodeNewbie gears towards newbies in programming world, such as people who are still learning and early career devs.