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Discussion on: Coding and calculus or geometry?

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Álvaro Montoro

This is a common misconception: Computer Science is not about development. Actually, programming is a tool to learn CS, but not the goal. Same with Calculus/Algebra/Statistics/etc. they are tools to learn the theory of computers. If you can make it through those more theoretical Math courses, you'll get to some really fun parts (e.g. different programming disciplines, software engineering, computer/software architecture, etc.)

About what you should do: I'm sorry, I don't have an answer. It has to come from you. The good thing is that, if you are still in the Mathematics part, you are likely at an early stage (normally those courses are at the beginning of the program) and have opportunities to change majors without much impact (hopefully). If you choose something different that makes you happier, great! And if you decide to continue with CS, you won't regret it in the long run either.