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Álvaro Montoro
Álvaro Montoro

Posted on • Originally published at Medium

CSS Is Dead!

This is the comic I coded this week for comiCSS. It is a silly joke drawn with HTML and CSS (you can see the source code here):

Cartoon in three panels: Death (a skeleton wearing a dark cloak with a smythe) receives a text message from JavaScript saying 'CSS is dead!' Disappointed, Death sighs: "That guy is so annoying... Maybe it's time I take another of its frameworks away..."

The design for this cartoon was inspired by two different drawings that I saw on Dribble:

I also created an animated version of the comic (available in Spanish too!), I hope you enjoy it:

NOTE: The animation only plays once. You may need to click on the "Rerun" button in the bottom right corner.

It was actually a lot of fun trying to animate the drawing. I normally don’t do much animation, mostly just drawing –and, of course, laying out content and website styling, I mean from a creative perspective–. So it was quite a challenge, to be honest.

I liked the result, but I’m not fully sold on things like eye movement or how Death restarts walking. I need to explore the animation properties and try to create new things that move and behave more naturally.


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