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How to create a progress bar with HTML and CSS

There are many pages on how to create a progress bar using web technologies, why do we need a new one? I found that many of those tutorials are bloated: they include a lot of unnecessary HTML elements or they base everything on JavaScript. Also, they tend to forget about Web Accessibility, and the resulting component will prove to be a challenge for assistive technologies (AT) users.

But it doesn't have to be that way. We can create a dynamic progress bar component using a single HTML element and some CSS, and it can be customizable, responsive, and accessible. I explained the process in this video:

If you prefer reading rather than watching videos for tutorials, I'll have a post about this topic soon (it will be sort of a transcript from the video). Or if you want to jump directly to the code and explore it, you can view the source code on this CodePen demo:

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