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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Code More" Cohort 1] What changes do you plan to make to your coding plan?

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Ana Vela

I'm late to post this, but I'm making an effort to complete the challenge on time overall!

1. Do you feel you are making progress towards your longterm goals?
Spending this time writing down my goals has given me a boost to get more rigorous with my study plans. My longterm goals have revolved around creating a more consistent habit of coding which is actually happening now. Taking the time each day to do work on a project and reviewing coding materials will make a big difference.

2. Tell us about any changes you want to make to your coding plan.
I feel good about my plan so far which is mainly to work on more Frontend Mentor projects. I'm also working on some other side projects and improving on them. As I incorporate more time to study and build, I'm refining my plan and improving my skills.