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Discussion on: What are your thoughts on eco-friendly web design?

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Andy Piper

Got it, thanks for the clarifications! Yes, definitely want to keep things lean and quick where possible. I guess there could be a difficult set of choices around visual flair and functionality in order to maintain that.

Do you have specific hosts that you prefer or recommend, what sort of questions should we ask or should we look for / how can we find better options there?

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Gift_Tanakan Ask Me Anything

What you said about visual elements on the website is true! Could be difficult to decide what to keep, what not.

Now, I'm using Dreamhost for all of my sites. It's decent in my opinion and is one of the green hosting providers. You can view the list of
The Green Hosting Directory right here. Someone in sustainable web design space suggested that Kualo is also a great choice.

For questions around green hosts, I find this Wholegrain's article very helpful. They're a leader when it comes to sustainable web design.

Thanks for your comment and questions! It's great to know that some people care :)