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Discussion on: [Hello,Please what tools do i need to start learning coding from its basics?"#discuss".How can i learn coding by myself?

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Anita Beauchamp

Adding to what Daniel said (all of which is great advice): if you're trying to learn web development there are two really great, free resources designed for beginners:

  • freeCodeCamp has multiple certifications that you can do that cover both front-end and back-end web development. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python among other things.
  • The Odin Project has a web development course with two tracks: Ruby on Rails or Fullstack JavaScript (the site goes into more details about what each of those means).

Both are really great resources for beginners. freeCodeCamp is the easiest because they start you off using the browser. The Odin Project requires more set up (you install the languages onto your computer and run them using the Command Line Interface), but they go into greater technical detail about each language and how the internet and the world wide web work in general.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or need more assistance. I will be happy to help you get started off in the right direction.

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Juraj Maťaše

Thank you for sharing this. I started The Odin Project, and it's awesome :-)

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Oh thank you, I'm really grateful to hearing from you.