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Anushka Raj
Anushka Raj

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My First #CNC2021 Journey


Hello World! I'm Anushka Raj (Codergirl 👩‍💻) from India. I have completed my graduation with a Bachelor of Computer Applications at Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic & Persian University. I love taking on new challenges that's why I decided to participate in this challenge. In order to complete #CNC2021, I joined CodeNewbie Community.


I love coding. In my spare time, I use to write technical as well as personal blogs. I generally write on Medium or share tech blogs on Dev. I found about this cool community there. I got to know about the #CNC2021 challenges.


I am working on my portfolio.

My final project

Sticking to it

One of the best habits which I have learned is to code every day.
I have got some cool ideas for my projects. I'm gonna implement it in a well-planned manner.

Overall Reflections

It has been a great experience. The email motivates me a lot and the cool part is getting creative ideas. I starred all those emails.
I am feeling awesome.
Thank you so much CodeNewBie community for organizing such a wonderful challenge.

What's next for me

I am excited to start tackling new challenges in the upcoming coding or personal life too.✨

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