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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 Cohort 1] "Start Coding" Welcome Thread

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⭐Henlo! I'm Azir! :D I wanted to participate in the start coding challenge because I've honestly been trying to do it on my own for years but I could never consistently practice the basics so I'd need to relearn things all over again! :( I'm hoping the structure and social pressure of joining will help me kick start and actually get to making and finishing a small but at least a project!
⭐There will be so many peeps just like me trying to get started in coding!
⭐I'm nervous I won't stick to it :(
⭐All the cool things you can make!! Websites, games, apps, etc!

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Hi Azir!
I feel like I’ve been in the same cycle of having to relearn things as well. Because I’m not consistent with any course I start.
Hoping we both gain some new skills In this challenge.
Cheers & happy coding!