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Discussion on: Iā€™m Danielle Adams, Node.js Language Owner at Heroku. Ask Me Anything!

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Ben Halpern

Fore a newbie, what's the balance between "picking Node as something to learn and not overthinking it", or getting to know other web development frameworks, with the risk of choice overload?

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Danielle Adams Ask Me Anything

That's a good question! Fore a newbie, I would look at a job listing of a company I want to work at, and work backwards. There are probably a list of languages/frameworks that they are looking for and use. Use that list to do a little research on what technologies interest you the most from that list, and then focus on that!

Also, don't get overwhelmed by the number of languages/frameworks that are out there. Just focus on learning one or two at a time. There are so many topics out there so it's easy to get FOMO, but try to stay focused only on what you are learning before moving onto the next thing.