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Top DataScience Blogs to follow in 2021

DataScience widely known as the future. So, to learn present and future concepts in a clear and detailed manner, blogs are one of the easiest methods. Here are the top blogs in the market which should be a must-follow to mold your career in DataScience.

Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is a Medium publication brewing with audience-oriented content not just about Data Science, but a multitude of related technologies such as Machine Learning, Programming, Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence, spanning across more than 6000 published articles.

Data Science Central

Data Science Central one of the leading repositories of Data Science content that is regularly updated with the latest trends across domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics, Big Data, and much more.

Data Science Reddit

Reddit is world-renowned news and discussion website with hundreds of diverse communities and millions of active users. One such community or subreddit, as Reddit likes to call it, is r/DataScience, which is frequented by over 498 thousand members with an average of over 541 active users at all times.


KDnuggets is a well-known and prestigious site for gaining information about some of the rapidly growing technologies in the world, including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data.

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya offers a complete Data Science ecosystem through its four vital pillars, which educate you about the top trends in the industry, solidify your fundamentals via online courses, allow you to engage with other individuals over hackathons, and make you a competitive candidate for the various jobs on the platform.

Data Science | Google News

Google's News platform covers the latest trends and bits of information across a wide range of topics, including general news and specific trends in the industry. Being a repertoire of almost every leading source of information on the internet, Google News offers an equally broad range of latest innovations from some of the reputed Data Science platforms.


DataCamp is an industry-leading online course provider for Data Science. Providing hands-on experience with some of the widely used tools in the Data Science industry, such as Python, R, Scala, Power BI, Excel, Tableau, and many others

IBM Big Data & Analytics hub

The multinational giant powering thousands of successful businesses is a pivotal figure in the numerous innovations in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence industry. IBM believes in sharing the knowledge with the world and created Big Data and Analytics Hub for Data Science fanatics and interested readers where all the information is readily accessible in a systematic manner.


InsideBIGDATA is one of the popular news platforms that offer regular updates and news about the latest strategies and technologies from the IT world. Covering a wide range of topics across Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, and AI. InsideBIGDATA excellently delivers impactful industry perspectives.

Facebook DataScience Blog

The top social media giant Facebook is also a key player in the Data Science industry. The enormous user base of over 2.6 Billion users compelled Facebook to invest in reliable and competent Data Science techniques for an in-depth insight into its users.

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