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Git Repository Structure.(🕹).

Link to Doodle here.

The first branch is call origin namely as "Main" this include the stable code for users to use.💿
And the second branch is call 🌗dev namely use for your
🔩development purpose and include the beta things the half 💿baked function & features as this branch moves further the code of function & features become less error-prone and 📡stable for Normal Users. After 🔩testing you create 💿pull request to 🔩merge into the main branch, so people can use it.
The Third Branch is temporary which is create on purpose and deleted after merging to 🌗"Dev" branch, this branch is so called your 🌗feature branch. Which is Used for
📡experimentations, issue solving and feature construction.
Its same as 🌗"DEV" branch but for 💿single task's.

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