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Bryce Rohrer

Hi Everyone!
I'm Bryce Rohrer (pronounced roar like a Lion).

I'm a 21 year old computer science student who lives in Ohio! I joined CodeNewbies because although I'm quite deep into a computer science degree I've only learned theory and haven't really put any of it into practice! (and also because my buddy @fajarsiddiq suggested I do so)

Nice to meet you all!

Here's what I'm working on, its a chrome extension that plays Synthwave for you while you code!

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Fajar Siddiq

Welcome here buddy! @bryceorars i get to know him on twitter, really helpful guy helping me out with English writing ;) and both of us share common struggles to learn coding! So here we are! I was from and i post a few articles only. So hoping here will be a good place where i can learn from others! ;)

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Nick Taylor

Welcome to the CodeNewbie community Bryce! 👋🏻

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