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[On-Demand Talk] Tech & Social Impact - The Power of Volunteering

About This Talk

When we talk about tech careers, the conversation is typically centered around skills and practices that can help you achieve a higher salary and more clout. While both of these things are perfectly understandable motivators to pursue a career in tech, there is also a lot of social good that can be done with our skills. In this talk, we'll explore why volunteering is particularly important in the tech industry and how you can do it.


  1. The importance of volunteering in the technology industry
  2. Why volunteering can positively impact everyone
  3. How to protect your own energy to avoid volunteering burnout


>> Click here to download slides

🌈 Comment below and ask me questions — I might just answer them during my live speaker discussion!

About Bea

Bea is a frontend engineer, who transitioned into technology with the help of coding communities. She is passionate about helping others and aspires to mentor others in the future.

This on-demand talk is part of CodeLand 2021 — a virtual conference brought to you by CodeNewbie & DEV on September 23 & 24, 2021.

Latest comments (51)

mahyellaw profile image
MJ Torres

here goes the first talk of my binge-watching session tonight. i really love how straightforward your explanations are, the idea of volunteering and initiating with the community clicked immediately in my head. i'm also grateful for the part where you mention self-care, as an aspiring dev, burnout gets to me easily because of thoughts that i should contribute to this and improve that. it makes me glad that stuff like this is normal with devs and that it keeps me certain that it is okay to take it all slowly.

welp that was slightly dramatic. :D
anyway, you could probably tell that i loved this talk so much! <3

builtbybea profile image

Thank you so much for watching my talk and for your kind words

sewvandiii profile image
Sewvandi Promodya Wickramasinghe

This talk was awesome!

austinxduong profile image

Bea, this is such helpful advice! I was a recent contestant for Esri's and TechCrunch's Hackathon (for my final project at a 6 month coding program). I was super nervous/scared, but joined their slack channel and learned so much from experienced developers & engineers. This volunteer experience helped with my confidence. I also came out with so much new knowledge :D (also shout out to Alchemy Code Lab) 🤗

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Heyo! Reminder that if you have any questions for @builtbybea to drop them here! We're gathering up these questions now for the live speaker discussion. 📣

ckn00b profile image
Christian New

This was an awesome talk @builtbybea !

remcoboerma profile image
Remco Boerma

Good talk, thanks for sharing!

ikramsalim profile image
Ikram Salim

Thank you Bea, volunteering at a tech company has made me learn a lot.

stephback profile image
Stephanie Back

The power of learning when to say "no" is huge and cannot be said enough.
Thanks for the great talk Bea!

eaminicoding profile image
Elias Amini

Great talk Bea! Helping others is always a great way to find out more about yourself.

sjtmunez profile image

Good talk! Just realized how deep can code be used for good!

kaj profile image

Thank you!

srivera12 profile image
Sarah Rivera

Thank you, great talk!

ecureuill profile image
Camilla Silva

My fear of not have enough skills has prevented me to volunteer in some projects in the past.
Last year, I helped in a project assisting dev team with gathering accessibility requirements (WCAG) and how to implement it. After your talk, I just realize that these experience help me with my impostor syndrome.

Thank you!

noviicee profile image

This talk is like a fresh wind of air! It was really needed! Thanks a lot Bea!!

jrrohrer profile image
Jessie Rohrer

Where can we find ways to volunteer? I know of Ruby for Good -- does anyone know of other similar groups?

builtbybea profile image
Bea • Edited

I would recommend using or to find local coding communities in your area and reaching out to the organisers.

This is a good article that has some coding communities you could reach out to: