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What are your favorite light themes?

I routinely switch between light and dark themes depending on the time of day because when I work during the day, I don't want to keep peering at my screen and closing all the curtains to see anything šŸ˜‚ and when I work at night, I don't want to cover my eyes in anguish at the bright glare of my screen šŸ˜¬.

Something that bothers me a bit though šŸ˜… is how (at least to me), it feels like the chances of finding a well designed dark theme where I can clearly see my code is high compared to that of finding a nice light theme šŸ˜“ which sucks because I would really love a decent light theme. A lot of the light themes I have sifted through, in scanning lists online or through my text editor/IDE's marketplaces have either had background color choices that were way too stark or syntax highlighting that was way too faint.

My favorite (and sadly only) light theme that I currently use is GitHub theme's Light theme for my VS Code and the default light theme for all of my JetBrains products.

Perhaps my struggle to find a good light theme is my own so tell me, what are your favorite light themes?

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I definitely share in the struggle of finding good light themes.

A lot of people will consider it a "Dark Theme" but I really like Fairy Floss because to me it feels to fall nicely between light and dark. I use Light theme on everything and it doesn't feel out of place next to the light themed windows I have open šŸ˜‹

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Chisomo Chiweza Author

Ouuuu ... let me check it out!

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I use GitHub Light on my VS code as well. I love it.