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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 2 Submission Thread

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Here's a copy of my worksheet

Start Coding worksheet
β€œWhat Will I Learn?”

We’ll use this worksheet to inform and design your personal, learn-to-code curriculum.

Which platform/field would you like to work in?
I want to work in web development

What do you want to build first?
I want to build a [website or web app], [mobile app]

12 months?
a website

My priority with learning to code is...
Having fun? Building websites quickly? Having a widely used/practical skill? Writing efficient code?
How to make money as a web developer and to be able to build websites quickly

Do you know CSS and/or HTML?

Do you like to be more self-sufficient when learning things or completing projects? Or do you like to work in groups?
I enjoy working with groups