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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Docs For Equity - Teaching Our Way Out Of Impostor Syndrome

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Thuy Doan • Edited on

I feel like we could talk forever about it.

Earlier, I saw PJ write a tweet saying he "failed" to talk about a certain aspect of imposter syndrome that @juliaseid had mentioned but I pointed out to him that he didn't fail to do anything! You can't possibly talk about every angle of a topic so large during a single 15-min talk. Also there's different POVs. Like how the phrase can be overused. Arguably used incorrectly and as a blanket term for things that aren't related to it - conflated with other things.

The perspective that I brought on Twitter was that the feeling of inferiority one may feel (and possibly dub "imposter syndrome") can also be related to how we view other people.

For example, senior developers and tech celebrities: do you put them on a pedestal? Treat them as all-knowing out of habit? Maybe even out of respect? As "can-do-no-wrong"? As PJ said, we are all learning right? I made that mistake of putting more experienced developers on a pedestal when I was early in my dev career. I would say to my seniors, "Wow you can get a job anywhere not like me." I would almost worship them and think of me less because I was measuring my experience with theirs. But aside from everything said in PJ and Julia's talks, sometimes the difference is just experience and not competency! So let's go forth :)