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Clifford Ouma Author • Edited on

Hi Caroline
This is an amazing question and one that affects a lot of people. Including me sometimes.
However, I have a few words of advice that I can share, things that helped me out:

  • Perspective matters. I found it helpful to view both coursework and community/project work as important. Don't see them as either this or that, rather view them as complementing each other. The course work is the foundational basis and the community/project work is exploration. In coursework, you don't have much room for mistakes, mistakes mean poor grades. But in the community/project work, it's a free and open world. Here making mistakes makes you better and more innovative. So take advantage of both worlds
  • Intentionally and deliberately make plans for you. You are the most important thing; without you, there are no grades or course work, and without you, there is no community/project work. So, in the same way you can set goals for your study work and projects, set goals for yourself; block your calendar for activities that build and grow you. Not in a career/professional way but in a health/relationship kind of way. Build your life outside school work and career. Have time to dwell on your hobbies, spend time with family and those you love, and do some exercises and meditation to keep your mental and physical health in shape. This helps you better deal with the pressure that comes with school and community/project balancing.

But these are just but a few tips I can give. I haven't found the best way to deal with this and I'm eager to learn how others deal with it.

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Emmanuel Enzeyi