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[On-Demand Talk] The Shared Responsibility of Tech Ethics

Erin Mikail Staples on June 16, 2022

About this talk We’re still developing new norms that facilitate an empathetic understanding of human culture. Acting with urgency to de...
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Ella (she/her/elle)

Loved your talk! I have admittedly allowed my sense of self to erode since I started working in tech and I don't see how it could possibly be any different because my role in this industry keeps me so busy. Do you have any advice for achieving more balance between vocation and avocation?

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Michael Tharrington

That's so cool that you do standup! How has your experience with comedy helped you or influenced your work as a Senior Community Advocate at Orbit?

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Hi Erin. Thank you for your insight! In your job searches, were you actively looking for companies that champion neurodiversity and if so, how are you going about this? Or are you waiting until the job interview or perhaps after being hired and speaking with HR Reps? Thank you!

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This was fantastic! Unlike Erin I have never thought about talking about or telling someone where my value system is. I just know what it is and keep it moving. But now I am thinking differently. And the "now" page on her website is great. We should all have a "now" page when we create our work portfolios or coding journey websites.

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I really liked your talk. And I appreciate that your ethics are included in your portfolio page – it's like setting boundaries or, like you said, great for keeping your ethics and save everybody's time. Thanks Erin. :)

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Oh wow!!! You're so diverse, it is inspiring!
This talk really emphasizes the idea of being more than one thing.
How can one create a balance between current occupations(school or work) and hobbies though?

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How do you approach discussing neurodiversity with a job? Especially if you are from a non-tech background so you don't yet have the experience/evidence to prove you are a worthwhile candidate?

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Loved the talk! My question, how did you broach the topic of your neurodivergence when applying? It is something I am very concerned about as it has hindered my career in the past when I needed to hide it.

Thank you for your time!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hi Erin! When you're considering a company to work for, how to you assess their company ethics as a candidate? Any tips?

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FaruqJada • Edited

On combining your job with a new tech role or passion: what if your former job is quite conflicting with tech and you so much have passion for tech and still love the former job?

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Wow, I could just talk for hours about this subject. Great talk, thank you for addressing this.

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Nicholas Cruz

I like the coming from statement idea. I will draft my own and aim to add that into my portfolio website.

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Sarah Rivera

Thank you - this topic is so so important. You had great suggestions and actions we can take. Also, love that Carl Sagan quote!

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Jessica D

Yes! This is exactly why I left my previous job. Values & morals are everything.

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Ozoeze Ugo

I also like the idea of spelling everything out. Leaves no room for assumptions.

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Ozoeze Ugo

Thank you for the insight. I also think that telling your story (where you're coming from) makes you more relatable and easy to connect with

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Hi Erin.
What an amazing conversation. I loved it.
Thank you for everything you shared.
Keep doing this, inspiring people, and good luck on your path.