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Welcome Thread - V11

CodeNewbie Staff on May 05, 2022

Welcome, one and all to the CodeNewbie Community! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you he...
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Hey all!
My name is Elizabeth and im a front end dev in training. I was solely learning through Codecademy but decided I wanted more structure, so I also joined a bootcamp. Randomly found this community through the podcast. Can’t wait to learn so much more

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Tyler V. (he/him)

Welcome! 👋🏻

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Thank you!!

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Hello World, I mean all, same diff right? I recently started my programming journey (April 10th) and after completing the HTML/CSS course on FreeCodeCamp as well as the Headfirst HTML/CSS I decided to take a full plunge in my journey! I quit my job as a gov. contractor to pursue programming and a career in Tech. Fun fact my favorite color and fruit is orange. Good Luck on your journey into programming!

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Rashidi Alleyne

Good luck! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes you!

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Thanks Rashidi! I can't either, we'll see what happens! :)

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Hi everyone
My name is Vanipriya. currently I am looking JavaScript Basic after that i will start doing projects I am learning through FreeCodeCamp .Can’t wait to learn so much more .
looking forward for your advices . I a looking to get a job in Front End

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Hi Everyone, my name is Layth. I currently work in tech sales and have always been interested in the product itself. I am finally taking the time to make it a priority and allocate my resources (time) to learning Java and more with the hope to pivot my career trajectory! Currently, I'm working on FreeCodeCamp and concurrently working on CSX Precourse work. I look forward to building my skills prior to joining a coding camp. I am open to collaborating on this journey, so feel free to reach out!

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Mohamed sindha madhar

Hi, I have been learning how to develop Android apps .I know basics enough to develop apps .I want to take it to next level and I felt like I needed a place where I would get suggestions,ideas and support. I came across this community on Google search and decided to join.
I am glad I found this place ✌️.

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Smruti (Smoothie) Deoghare

Hi all,

I am Smruti (Smoothie), pursuing my PhD at the crossroads of AI and healthcare. I am an evolutionary biologist turned to healthcare data scientist. I find data exciting and coding overwhelming! Just stumbled upon CodeNewbie. I hope to code more and better.

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Hi i'm Josh. sole learning python for sometime. A beginner still, right now i joined a bootcamp and its been okay. i found this community on twitter and it seems like an amazing support platform for me to get better at my programming. lets go!

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Erik Shelton

I’m Erik (He/Him). I graduated General Assembly in the end of 2020 and I’m still looking for my first role. Took a break from the job hunt for a while because my wife and I had our first child in May of 2021.

Been hearing about this community through the podcast since about 2019 but never had the guts to join, got vacation time from my current factory job for CodeLand so I decided to finally try this place out!

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Sushan Bhojak

Hello Comm,

I'm in my under grad programme pursuing BTech in CS and my focus is to give shot for being able to change the basic servics to more decentralized manner with blockchain ,
favorite color red ,
Fun fact grades are just numbers ,

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Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I'm working through the full stack course on code academy plus some work in leet code on the side. I'm formally an electrical engineer but I'm changing my career from hardware to software - still trying to find which part of SWE is most appealing to me. Eager to get some experience and grow my network!

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Rashidi Alleyne

Hello everyone! I started on this path my freshman year of high school, but really in my youth when I grew up playing video games. Now I’m working towards my BS in Computer Science at Wake Forest University. The one thing I have struggled with in coding is feeling like I don’t know enough, however I’ve recently gained confidence in myself and set goals to reach each day. I now take advantage of resources outside the classroom like CodeNewbie and hope to become a full stack software engineer and eventually a game dev. Along the way I hope to help others achieve their goals and code with confidence !

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Hi everyone!
I'm Bala, just a newbie in coding and recently completed basics of HTML and CSS. After learning more in front-end dev, gonna do some projects. Found this community in twitter and it seems like an amazing support platform for me to get better at my programming. Can't wait to learn so much more ^_^

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Lara Santos

Hey everyone!!
I started on this path when the pandemic hit; I think it's the most difficult thing I've ever put myself to learn but I am loving every bit since the start.
I've done a small bootcamp funded by the gov, along with personal side projects in Python and The Odin Project. I'm starting a new job at the end of this month and couldn't be prouder and happier :D
Fun facts about me... I'm a self motivated solo traveller, I love circus performing arts and gaming.

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Hi everyone! Just started learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript a couple of months ago so I'm very much a newbie! Very excited with all the challenges that lie ahead! I hope to one day be able to assist others with their coding issues. ;-)

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Hey everyone, I'm Shreya and I work in DevRel at Jina AI.
I have a little experience in Python and Artificial Intelligence, and am navigating my way through JavaScript. I love learning, and I joined this community to give myself a higher sense of accountability, and also learn from shared experiences!

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Chris Jarvis

Welcome everyone!

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Pavan Belagatti

Hi my name is Pavan, a developer advocate at Harness. I am excited and glad to be here. Love to contribute and meet amazing minds.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hey all! So happy to have you here.

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lenora fidelo

hey eveyone

i am Lenora. im about to start my tech journey as a product manager. my training starts tomorrow and i wish to break into tech after my training please wish me all the best.

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Hay bee

Here to learn

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Mr Jay


Am Joseph all new here, Frontend newbies.

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Hey Everyone I'm a fontend developers
Still learning

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Andes Court

Hello, I recently started programming (Dec 2021) started learning PHP in youtube then in SymfonyCasts and more recently I finished the Frontend Career Path in Scrimba. Looking to change my career path

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Clara Renauro

Hi all - I'm a career changer thats 6 months into first job after full stack bootcamp. Currently learning Java and QA to be a good software tester.

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Hello!! It's nice to be here. P.S I'm a newbie.

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God'sFavour Omoare

Hi!!! I joined codenewbie because I need to relate with people that we're in the same track.

P.S: I'm a beginner

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Hello everyone, Happy to be here.

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Aditya Vshk

Hello All Happy to be here!!

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Hi yall! Never thought I would sit down to study again but here I am, enjoying every second of it! #amaze✨🧠

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Hello. Happy to be here

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Hi guys! Little overwhelming but I hope I learn a lot :D

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Manish Singh

Beginning of a new journey 🤞

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Daniel Lusardi

Hi! Awsome!