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DevsMint A community and resources for developers to learn, improve and grow

I started coding back in 2019. After trying different free and paid resources. I finally found ways to learn and practice programming and become proficient at it.

For the lack of good resources and guides, I wasted more than a year of my life. If I had known these resources before, I could've saved my time and energy. And do some meaningful work with that time and effort.

A lot of programmers like me quit because they can't find the resources they need to learn. instead, they think coding is not for them.

So that's why we are building DevsMint, where we will share our experiences, guidance, and needed resources with new developers. also if you are already in the field, there will be something for you.

also, there is a forum section where you can do lots of interactions with other developers.

like asking questions, sharing your works, getting feedback, and more.

How we are building DevsMint

I teamed up with my friend Noman to build DevsMint.

We are building DevsMint in WordPress. And BBpress for the forum.

At this time of writing, we completed the home page and a few other pages.

and added almost all functionalities that we planned to implement.

Here's a little pic for you:

When it will be live

We are planning to launch DevsMint in the first week of November. unless there are any serious issues that force us to delay the lunch.

If you want to get a notification when it's live. Subscribe to our email list. You can find it here


We hope no matter where you are on your journey. there will be something on DevsMint that will help you one way or another.

Connect with us on tweeter for the latest updates.



Thanks for reading. Until next time Happy Hacking 💕💕

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