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Hi, my name is. .

Shay! I'm new to the coding space and currently participate in a cohort that's teaching me web development fundamentals (aka, I'm getting my feet wet in the game).

I've dabbled with HTML and CSS in previous sessions and am entering the JavaScript phase, which is. . interesting so far. My favorite thing to learn has been CSS since it's literally the seasoning of a webpage. I love the endless possibilities and endless customization that comes with each tag.

I'm not sure at what point I can qualify myself as an official "coder" but I'm enjoying just being in the environment for the time being. I've heard a lot about the imposter syndrome that comes with this skill, and I can see that what I've heard is true. I'm definitely in my head a lot about possibly failing on this new journey but that's a part of the process, so I'm trying to get more comfortable with failing!

That fear has been holding me back from playing around with codes and creating new things, but I have a goal to get up and code SOMETHING each day, anything at all. The end goal is to be comfortable with learning and implementing on a consistent basis. There's a long list of small goals that I could add on, but I'm a huge fan of baby steps :)

The other muscle that I need to work again is my twitter fingers. I was once an avid tweeter but strayed from the app after my college years. I'm back in the game on the tech side of twitter and it's a whole collaborative/encouraging space that I had no idea existed. Time to break my introverted chains and NETWORK . . scary to even type it but look at me DOING IT :)

. . .I'm too introverted for my own good, but one day maybe I'll openly like people again. Deal?

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Kingsley Odibendi

Welcome and goodluck in your journey!
Believe in your process, that’s all that matters.

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Piotr Grzybowski

Welcome and good luck on your way to become official "coder" :) I believe consistency is the key. Stay focused πŸ™‚

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Nick Taylor

Welcome to the CodeNewbie community!

Multiple TV and movie characters giving a thumbs up

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Also an introvert! It's not easy but I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there. Your Twitter fingers will be back in action in no time!