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On Corners Design

Hello from New Mexico, that’s a state in the USA! I am excited to join this community. I love to learn new things. So when an opportunity came long early this year for me to learn to build a WordPress website, I jumped in with enthusiasm and loved it. From there I have tried to learn some HTML and CSS. However, the big adventure was this summer, when I started to learn Python with my 13-year-old daughter. I had planned on learning JavaScript, but it’s not as teenager friendly as Python. The Python course I found on Udemy, while not for teens specifically, covered many things she loves. So we started to learn Python together over the summer and completed 50 days of code. It was so much fun talking coding with her over breakfast and coding together in the afternoons. However, she is back in school and has a responsibility to learn algebra and physics so her Python lessons are on hold briefly. I suspect she will find a way to work Python into her classes, but in the meantime I find myself without my ‘coding buddy’. I also have found I am not as motivated to get myself back into learning Python or the JavaScript since she went back to school. Its fun to work with others. So I am joining the coding challenge and look forward to reading post and sharing progress with other in this community. Happy Coding!