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Fernando Doglio Ask Me Anything

Hi Gracie! Thanks for asking!
I think the biggest lesson I learned after writing my first book was that I don't have to be an expert on a subject to get started with a book.
My first book was about REST API Design for Node.js. At the time I was sure I was an expert on the subject, which led to me believe I could write the book. However, through the process of writing it I realized I had a lot of facts wrong and I ended up learning quite a bit about REST itself before I finished writing the book.
To me, the lesson was that I could write about anything as long as I felt comfortable donig the research about it. Which is why I then wrote the book on Python Optimization. I never worked with python professionally but I felt I could research the topic enough to write about it.
And the same goes for all my other books (I'm about to publish my 8th right now), the key is to remember that authors aren't experts (not always), they're just good at researching and re-arrenging that knowledge to be easily read & understood by others.