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Discussion on: I’m Fernando Doglio — Author, Engineer, Super Geek. Ask Me Anything!

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Fernando Doglio Ask Me Anything

Hi Michael, thanks for asking!
Sadly no, I don't create games anymore. I love the idea of working on games and I'd love to work on game development, but I never really developed my skills in that area enough to work for that industry.
The last "game" I worked on was to test an idea I had on how to create a platformer around the concept of those typing games I used to play as a kid to learn how to properly used the keyword. I published my process on actually:

It was a fun week-long project, but I never did anything more than that with it.

Thanks again for asking!

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Michael Tharrington

Of course, Fernando!

And while I get that you're not currently focused on building games, this build a game in 7 days project is so awesome! I really like the design of the game and the motivation behind it all — I never had a cool typing game when I was kid, just had something called Ultrakey back in the 90's. It was horrible for kids, lol... no real game in it at all, just words per minute typing. 😱

Anywho, hope it helped your son learn to type!