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Discussion on: I’m Fernando Doglio — Author, Engineer, Super Geek. Ask Me Anything!

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Fernando Doglio Ask Me Anything

Hey Otu, thanks for commenting!
If you're looking to get hired, there are plenty of job portals out there you can use, but I would start with LinkedIn. Make sure you have a good profile there, complete with a good picture, description of what you know how to do and links that showcase your experience.
As for projects you can work on, I would say things like:

  • CLI tools (Node.js is great for that)
  • APIs, REST & GraphQL are both in demand
    • Pay attention to things like API design, especially when implementing REST apis.
    • Auth methods, there are many and very different
    • Modularity, it is better to go monolithic or microservice-based?

Taking just those 2 types of projects, you can give them specific tasks and implement many different variations. Also, what technology are you going to focus on? For back-end (which I'm assuming you mean web back-end) you have some great ones like Node.js, Python, Ruby even PHP. Pick one and focus on that one for the time being. That would be my advice.

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Otu Michael

Thanks Fernando