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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Get a Job" Cohort 1] How are you feeling after reviewing your job descriptions?

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Timothy Taylor

1) Feeling okay. Seeing 3-5 years required experience for most jobs is tiring, but my evaluations for the jobs I have been documenting were generally Target to Safety which feels good. I have already applied to some of these Target-Safety jobs (seemingly unsuccessfully) which highlights issues with how I am presenting myself, and makes me worried that I applied too early before really cleaning up my resume, portfolio, and online presence (especially for a couple of jobs I am really interested in). I am probably casting too wide of a net (Full Stack to Front end to UI/UX), but I consider myself a generalist developer and feel that I will be effective in any of these kind of roles.
2) I am quite comfortable with React, Javascript, HTML, and CSS skills, so it's great to see those all over the place. Next step for tech skills is to start working in Figma & React Native, and keep practicing testing and API. My non-tech skill to work on was highlighted from this bit from a job qualification (and this is a big one!): "excellent communication skills as demonstrated via past collaborative experience, writings, video, etc.." I feel like my communication skills are good in person, but I have been historically bad at documenting written communication. This makes me really think about starting some consistent blogging and writing.

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Snehal Parate • Edited

I think I can relate here with your post. I feel I am not presenting my skills well on social media and I need to work on this to better reflect who am I and what skills I bring. I also feel my communication skills are good, but not very well with documenting those on paper/blog. I feel if we reflect skills better on LinkedIn/Github/Resume, 3-5yrs experience at times can be overlooked. I wish you good luck with the job search.

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Daryl Nauman

I hear you Timothy! I too have been casting a wide net (i.e., full-stack and front-end positions), which I think is okay. The full-stack is so broad, my challenge is improving skills evenly without neglecting an area for some time (e.g., I spend time really working on improving my CSS skills and with that time passes and I feel like I haven't touched a particular database type in awhile and have to revisit/relearn it) -- I guess ongoing practice and projects will help even that out. For myself over time even as a generalist, I imagine I'll find some areas of the full-stack that I'll really dive deeper into over other areas (maybe!).