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MongoDB, Generative AI, HuggingCast ++

Welcome to today's edition of "Today in X". In this, I thought of sharing some videos. So les go!

MongoDB for VS Code

This informative video tutorial will teach you how to enhance your MongoDB experience in the VS Code editor. Discover the extensive features of the MongoDB for VS Code extension, including database navigation, schema overview, Playgrounds for scripting, and intelligent autocompletion. Additionally, explore the built-in MongoDB Shell, exporting queries.

A quick introduction to Generative AI

In recent times, there has been a sudden surge in the use of the term "Generative AI". This can be observed from the significant increase in online searches related to it in the past year. The popularity of generative models like DALL-E 2, Imagen, and ChatGPT could be a contributing factor. However, the meaning of the term "Generative AI" is not clear. Check out this video!

HuggingCast v2 - StarCoder, Transformer Agents, AI news, and demos

Check out HuggingCast, the new live show that covers the latest developments and practical demos. In the latest episode, the developers talked about Transformers, StarCoder, Transformers Agents, and more!


It's revolutionizing the way we deploy and manage machine learning models, bringing seamless collaboration between data scientists and operations teams. With MLOps, we can scale, monitor, and continuously improve ML workflows for maximum efficiency and impact. Watch this video to get a quick understanding of MLOps by an IBM Developer.

Generative AI Spreading Fake News

Although AI tools can be entertaining, they have the potential to intensify false information when their filters are compromised. This is already happening, and we will explore the consequences of this and ways to combat it.

I guess these videos are enough for today's edition of X. If you have any interesting videos do share them in the comments. See you in the next edition of "Today in X". Thanks for the read and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

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