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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Andrea Churchville

Hello! Hoping to get more consistent with coding and land a job!

Things That Went Well

  • Getting to work on projects and seeing them work
  • Learning to actively work on projects that I was interested in and not just following a tutorial
  • Learning new things and getting the hang of them

Things That Don't go so Well

  • Projects are not as functional as I want them be or I hit a roadblock and have trouble solving the problem.
  • Difficulties with time management. I end up procrastinating with long breaks and end up struggling with the fundamentals.

Long Term Goals
I want to be confident with JavaScript, React JS, and coding in general
I want a career in Front-End Development

Short Term Goals
I want to create projects and finish them
I want to code on a daily basis
I want to diminish fear and imposter syndrome