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As you already discovered, the chop works at the opposite of what you need. You select a cross to remove from an image and the remaining areas are glued together in a new image.

I drew to pictures to better explain what I mean:

  • you select the red area,
  • the red and yellow areas are removed
  • the remaining green parts are drawn toward the center and glued together. center removed

If you select a corner, you will observe exactly the behaviour you described (area color meanings are the same of the picture above):
sides removed

To select a rectangular surface of an image, mainly to get sprites from a spritesheet, you need to use the pygame.Surface.subsurface method. It define a child image of your main one ready to be blitted on a new surface or used as is.

Warning Changes to the main surface or to the subsurface will be reflected on the other one.

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thanks for the explanation!