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Ella (she/her/elle) • Edited on

Hey @jasonrezzed welcome to CodeNewbie! So happy you like the podcast πŸ’š and came to join the community!

As many of our community members and the team behind CodeNewbie will affirm, it's never too late to begin your journey. We are here for you, and hope that you will feel comfortable continuing to ask questions along the way. If you'd like to join this year's CodeNewbie Challenge we will send you 5 weeks' worth of missions to help guide you on your journey. These don't have to be completed within 5 weeks (the challenge runs for the rest of the year and you can start/complete it any time that works for you).

Top tip: add the #help tag to your posts so they can be more-easily discovered by the helpful members of our community with a little more experience who stop by with the specific goal of helping new folks getting started - I updated this one for you with #discuss (for general questions about programming) but you can also do it yourself every time you go to create a new post.

Once again, welcome, and we're happy you're here with us!